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Casing head

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Casing head

The casing head is a component that connects the casing and various wellhead devices. It is used to support the gravity of technical casing and oil layer casing, seal the annular space between each layer of casing, and provide transitional connections for the installation of blowout preventers, tubing heads, Christmas trees and other upper wellhead devices. One side port can be used for supplementary squeezing of cement, monitoring of well pressure and injecting balance fluid.

The casing head produced by our company has a standard structure. The casing hanger of our company is installed in the casing, and the casing hanger of different sizes can be selected according to the change of the casing program and wellhead conditions. The upper part of this body is API 6B flange or API 6BX flange.

The options of the casing head are

◎The lower connection of the casing head can be API standard round threaded casing female buckle connection or API standard partial trapezoidal casing threaded female buckle connection, or plug-welded casing connection, or slip connection.

◎Welded support chassis can be provided.

◎There are two types of side outlets: pipeline thread type and wire-loaded type. The threaded side port is machined with VR female threads for VR plugging.

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