Authentic Bieres

Authentic Beers has for a long time been the best place to order your beer, no matter what kind of beer you’re interested in. We have contacts with all sorts of breweries, inherited from the Belgian couple who started this company, and we can fulfil your orders fast. Just get in contact with us and we’ll see what we can do, and get back to you as soon as we possibly can. If you have requests that aren’t on our list, that’s no problem – we can try and obtain it for you anyway.

We also curate a selection of beers for the connoisseur in you! We’ve scoured the world to find some of the highest rated craft beers to create a unique selection for you, and we rotate our offerings over time so that you can try as many different beers as you like. We’re always looking for more beers to offer, so if you have requests, you should just get in touch with us. Additionally, if you make beer yourself, we’re happy to feature your beer on our menus. We can even arrange for our regulars to taste your beer and give you feedback, if that’s something you’re interested in! Just get in touch via the contact us link and we’ll be happy to respond to your queries.

We think it’s important to have a sense of community and friendliness around where you drink, so our aim is to be the kind of niche pub that doesn’t just sell alcohol. Instead, we sell an atmosphere where you can try our beers among friends. We’re not going to evangelise to you, or criticise your choices – but if you need help deciding what to drink, we can help. It doesn’t matter to us or the people who patronise our pub how much experience you have and how little or how much you plan to drink. It’s a place to be friendly, to try new things, and get away from snobbery and superiority. You do you!

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